Short communication

Roland Lupoli¹*, Torsten van der Heyden² , Paride Dioli³

¹ 79 rue Jules Ferry, F-94120 Fontenay-sous-bois, France
² Immenweide 83, D-22523 Hamburg, Germany
³ Museo civico di Storia Naturale, Sezione di Entomologia, Corso Venezia 55, I-20121 Milan, Italy
*Corresponding author

Received: 11.02.2021 / Accepted: 31.05.2021 / Published: 10.06.2021
101 – 102


Erthesina fullo (Thunberg, 1783) is recorded for the first time in Europe. Collected specimens in 2020 from Albania were identified by comparing the length of their rostrum. This species can acclimatize on two local trees, namely Tilia cordata Miller, 1768 and Ziziphus jujuba Miller, 1768.


Heteroptera, true bugs, Halyini, Erthesina fullo, Erthesina acuminata, Yellow Spotted Stink Bug, invasive pest, Tilia cordata, Ziziphus jujuba, Albania, Thailand