Eduardo I. Faúndez¹* , Mariom A. Carvajal, Carolina Sarmiento

¹ Laboratório de entomología y salud pública, Instituto de la Patagonia, Universidad de Magallanes, Av. Bulnes 01890, Punta Arenas, Chile
*Corresponding author

Received: 01.05.2020 / Accepted: 23.06.2020 / Published: 09.07.2020
125 – 126


The first record of the boxelder bug Boisea trivittata in the Southern Hemisphere is provided. Specimens were collected in Pudahuel, Santiago, Chile. This record becomes also the first for the subfamily Serinethinae in the country. The record as well as observations are commented and discussed.


Hemiptera, Coreoidea, scentless plant bug, faunistics, distribution, first record, alien species, Andean Region