Terrestrial true bugs (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) of selected plant communities of the Gmina Głubczyce district (Opole voivodeship)

Weronika Gużda, Barbara Lis*

Instytut Biologii, Uniwersytet Opolski, ul. Oleska 22, 45-052 Opole
✉ canta@uni.opole.pl
*Autor do korespondencji (corresponding author)

Otrzymano (received): 30.09.2023 / Zaakceptowano (accepted): 05.12.2023 / Opublikowano (published): 15.12.2023
167 – 171


Studies on true bugs (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) were conducted at five sites in the Głubczyce municipality from May to September 2022 and April to May 2023. As a result of the field surveys, 48 species of Heteroptera, belonging to 11 families, were caught and identified, including several species rarely collected or recorded for the first time from the Eastern Sudetes, i.e., Acetropis gimmerthalii (Flor, 1860), Peritrechus nubilus (Fallén, 1807) and Stictopleurus pictus (Fieber, 1861), or from Lower Silesia, namely: Acetropis gimmerthalii (Flor, 1860) which were reported for the first time, and Holcostethus sphacelatus (Fabricius, 1794) which was collected from the Lower Silesia for the second time, but the only finding to date (Sobótka) dates from before the World War II. Moreover, 15 species were found for the first time in the municipality of Głubczyce.


true bugs, new records, faunistics, distribution, Eastern Sudetes, Lower Silesia, Poland