Short communication

Jerzy A. Lis* , Paweł J. Domagała

Institute of Biology, University of Opole, Oleska 22, 45-052 Opole, Poland
*Corresponding author

Received: 26.11.2023 / Accepted: 15.12.2023 / Published: 31.12.2023
173 – 175


New records for nine burrower bug species (Hemiptera: Pentatomoidea: Cydnidae) are provided. Three species, Stibaropus indonesicus (Cephalocteinae: Scaptocorini), Garsauria aradoides (Garsauriinae), and Pseudoscoparipes kinabalensis (Cydninae: Geotomini), are recorded for the first time from Brunei. Chilocoris piceus representing the tribe Cydnini of the subfamily Cydninae, and two species belonging to the tribe Geotomini of this subfamily, namely Adrisa romani and Pseudoscoparipes fraterculus are new to Thailand. Two Afrotropical species, i.e., Chilocoris laevicollis (Cydninae: Cydnini) and Aethus holothrix (Cydninae: Geotomini) are reported for the first time from Kenya and Namibia, respectively. In addition, the occurrence of Lactistes obesipes in Australia has been confirmed.


true bugs, Pentatomoidea, distribution, new country records, Australia, Borneo, Brunei, Kenya, Namibia, Thailand, Oriental Region, Afrotropical Region