Syed Ishfaq Ali Shah¹⋅³ , Azaz Ahmad² , Rabia Saeed³ , Wanzhi Cai¹*

¹ Department of Entomology, China Agricultural University, Yuanmingyuan West Road, Beijing 100193, China
² Department of Entomology, University of Agriculture, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
³ Entomology Section, Central Cotton Research Institute, Old Shujabad Road, Multan, Punjab, Pakistan
✉ (SIAS)
✉ (AA)
✉ (RS)
✉ (WC)*
*Corresponding author

Otrzymano (received): 30.03.2022 / Zaakceptowano (accepted): 03.06.2022 / Opublikowano (published): 26.06.2022
73 – 82


The harpactorinae assassin bug Lophocephala guerini Laporte, 1833 recorded from Pakistan is redescribed in detail for the first time. In the present paper, the dorsal habitus and unique diagnostic morphological characters of this rarely reported species are illustrated along with details of morphometric, which will help future workers to further explore about this special assassin bug.


Reduviidae, Harpactorinae, Lophocephala, redescription, Pakistan