List of species of true bugs (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) collected in the area of Stobrawa Landscape Park in the years 2002-2023

Barbara Lis¹* , Dominik Łęgowski²

¹ Instytut Biologii, Uniwersytet Opolski, ul. Oleska 22, 45-052 Opole
² Zespół Opolskich Parków Krajobrazowych, Oddział Stobrawski Park Krajobrazowy, Ładza, ul. Reymonta 3, 46-034 Pokój
*Autor do korespondencji (corresponding author)

Otrzymano (received): 14.07.2023 / Zaakceptowano (accepted): 20.09.2023 / Opublikowano (published): 25.09.2023
111 – 129


A list of 273 species of true bugs representing 31 families, collected in Stobrawa Landscape Park in 2002-2023 is presented. The presence of 163 species collected in this area is confirmed. One hundred ten species were collected in Stobrawa Landscape Park for the first time. Orius vicinus (Ribaut) (Anthocoridae), Aradus brevicollis (Fallén) (Aradidae) and Hebrus ruficeps Thomson (Hebridae) were reported for the first time from Lower Silesia, and Acetropis gimmerthalii gimmerthalii (Flor), Plesiodema pinetella (Zettrestedt), Tytthus pygmaeus (Zetterstedt) (Miridae), Emblethis denticollis Horváth, Emblethis griseus (Wolff), Emblethis verbasci (Fabricius), Pionosomus opacellus Horváth, and Plinthisus brevipennis (Letreille) (Rhyparochromidae) are new to Upper Silesia.


true bugs, new records, faunistics, distribution, rare species, Poland